Having caught hardly distinguishable scratch of a key, has rushed to the "emergency exit" which simultaneously has served by an input. And, almost having reached ventilating mine, has felt blow by a militian bludgeon on temechku. Already plunging into unconsciousness, has heard click of the handcuffs which are becoming isolated on a wrist, and the consciousness was covered with darkness.
       It was inconvenient to lie. And, though hands have released, a cement floor of a monkey house - not that bed on which I prefer to spend time. The nape awfully ached. Stank of urine, and in a brain any cacophony was distributed. I have sat down having clasped a head hands, trying to get rid of importunate hum.
       ["Ish, boleznyj"] - has seemed through strange noise - ["ek you have put"].
       Having turned, has seen that in a corner pritulilsja the muzhik, it is obvious bomzhevatogo a kind and with badly latent interest considers mine undoubtedly deserving participation, the person. Though, it is necessary to tell that in the given concrete situation quite could do without so a stare of the neighbour in the improvised zoo. Equally, as well as without the attention shown by law enforcement bodies.
       Without rising, has cautiously extended a neck, and has looked through glass behind which there was a person on duty. That wrote something and in the near future obviously was not going to be engaged in arrested persons. Well, the better. At least, there is time to consider the silliest situation created on my favour.
       In that I am guilty only, there were no doubts. First - anybody me, beloved, there did not call. Itself it was secured and, even has made it some efforts. And, it is necessary to tell, rather big. Further all like would go like clockwork. Easy worked, having been well informed that ahead time chasm. Till the ill-starred moment when has decided to light.
       "Stop" - has braked itself. - "Here from this place, more in detail, please".
       Also began to recollect more in details. Neither the included gas, nor taken from a case dzhezva obviously could not give a signal on the protection panel. Equally, as well as the open crane with cold water. Any infra-red or laser gauges in a hut too was not found. Otherwise gallant tserbery would come tearing along slightly earlier.
       You ask, what for has got into protected apartment, moreover knowing about it? So after all, for dvermi from DVP with Turkish locks also there is nothing to take, as a rule. And the hand if it is fair did not rise at me, to select at people the last. Not to mention that everyone respecting domushnik has if it is possible so to be expressed "lath" below which to fall simply indecently.